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e-Putonghua Program Introduction

No additional charges for all the learning materials (3,000 pages). All materials are approved by Ms. Xian-hui WANG (PHD Candidate) of Beijing Language and Culture University.

Corporate Mandarin Course Corporate Mandarin Course
e-Putonghua Program (9 Levels)
(Traditional & Simplified)
(The Main Goal)
Senior B
Listen:can easily understand native speakers using complete Mandarin language sentences.
Speak:can have a detailed conversation with a native speaker at almost regular pace.
Read:can read a range of articles (such as news, popular science articles, etc.), and be able to perceive the difference between spoken language and written language.
Write:can write an essay with full paragraphs, clear sentences, and proper word order in Chinese language.
Senior A
Listen:can follow relatively fast-paced conversation and guess the meaning of unknown Chinese words based on context clues.
Speak:can clearly articulate and explain an opinion.
Read:can read an article that has 200 Chinese Characters.
Write:can write a complete paragraph.
Junior B
Listen:can understand complete sentences and guess the general meaning of longer expressions based on context clues, even if not all Chinese words are known.
Speak:can describe an event or experience; syntactic structure is basically correct.
Read:can read a passage that has 150 Chinese Characters.
Write:can use Chinese words to express their views and ideas, without much difficulty.
Junior A
Listen:can understand a native speaker in basic conversation (Mandarin language) at regular pace.
Speak:can repeat back what is being said to him.
Read:can read a basic letter, email etc.
Write:can write some short sentences using Chinese Characters.
Primary B
Listen:can understand basic expressions about work and life.
Speak:can communicate in everyday situations such as discussing hobbies, paying a visit, meeting a new person.
Read:can read simple sentences and paragraphs using Chinese Characters.
Write:can write familiar Chinese Characters based on dictation; can write at a speed of at least 15 Chinese Characters per minute; can write basic sentences using Chinese Characters
Chinese characters writing speed of not less than 15 words per minute, can write sentences in Chinese characters, and begin with the ability to have literacy.
Primary A
Listen:can understand frequently used daily expressions, such as introductions, family vocabulary, greetings, etc.
Speak:can talk about themselves and ask basic questions with correct pronunciation and tone.
Read:can read about 100 simple Chinese Characters.
Write:can write sentences using a mix of Chinese Characters and Putonghua Pinyin.
Basic B
Listen:can write sentences using a mix of Chinese Characters and Putonghua Pinyin.
Speak:can easily speak about daily life.
Read:is able to read about 50 simple Chinese Characters.
Write:is able to write 50 single Chinese Characters' strokes correctly.
Basic A
Listen:can respond to simple social communication, such as greetings, thank you, goodbye.
Speak:can use correct tones; can speak in complete sentences, while learning Mandarin vocabulary, sentence structure.
Read:can read sentences in Putonghua Pinyin, and is able to read simple Chinese Characters.
Write:can write simple sentences in Putonghua Pinyin.
ABC Can read Putonghua Pinyin and tones accurately.


Business Mandarin Course
(Traditional & Simplified)
This course, designed specifically for business people, will allow you to discuss and analyze case studies, while learning Mandarin vocabulary, sentence structure, and related economic and trade terminology. Students will improve their Chinese language level, while at the same time, deepening understanding and interest in the Chinese economy, culture, and market.
News & Articles Discussion Course
This course is based on discussing recent news, current events, and articles.
Interview Course
This course is specifically designed for students who are preparing for interviews. The course will focus on real–life business topics and scenarios such as office vocabulary, discussing your skills and qualifications, business etiquette, etc.
Course for New Recruits
This course is designed for Mandarin language learners who want to work in China. It is also suited to foreign businessmen who are interested in learning more about the Chinese economy and business culture.
Chinese Characters
This course will focus on building student skill in reading and writing Chinese Characters, to enable students to read texts in Chinese and correspond in writing in Chinese language.
HSK Chinese Proficiency Exam Course
This course is appropriate for students who want to enroll in HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì, 汉语水平考试) exams for levels 3-6. There are supplementary materials for levels 1-6.
PSC Putonghua Proficiency Test Course
This course is appropriate for students who want to enroll in the PSC (Pǔtōnɡhuà shuǐpínɡ cèshì, 普通話水平測試).
China Express Course
(Simplified Chinese)
This course will include regular updates on recent news.
Chinese Culture Course
(Traditional & Simplified)
In this course, we will read articles to better understand the unique culture and habits of people in mainland China.
Kids Mandarin Course
(Traditional & Simplified)
This course is appropriate for children age 6 and up.
Tourism Mandarin Course
This course will prepare you with the basic communicating skills you need to travel in China. The course will focus on practicing basic conversational skills. The vocabulary will include basic greetings, airport vocabulary, transport and directions, booking hotels, etc.
Short Term Intensive Mandarin Course Before Going To Work in China
This course will focus on enabling students to have short conversations in a range of situations to ensure that the student will be able to have the basic conversational skills necessary to work in China.
This course is open to students of all levels and is intended to help students improve their Chinese language speaking and listening skills.
Corporate Mandarin Course
(Traditional & Simplified)

This course is appropriate for staff members at all levels of the organization who need communicate in Mandarin.

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