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Translation Services

e-Putonghua.com has translated over 3,000,000 words from Chinese to English, Japanese to English and vice-versa for each. We are a professional language translation company based in Hong Kong, serving a wide range of subject areas such as legal documents (contracts, hearing, training information), corporate communication (staff bulletins, work schedules, company correspondence, press releases and company reports) and brochures and magazines content.

Our professional translators always translate from the source language into the desired language using the best expertise. A firm grasp of current language usage is also vital in producing an accurate and well written translation and interpretation.

Our translation teams in Hong Kong and mainland China consist of experienced and trained translators who hold relevant translation qualifications. Our translation services include English to Simplified Chinese, Simplified Chinese to English, English to Traditional Chinese, Traditional Chinese to English, Japanese to Simplified Chinese, Japanese to Traditional Chinese, Japanese to English and English to Japanese.

Rate: US$80 per 1,000 words

Quality assurance system: 10 translators + Supervisor + QA Manager

Please email to: support@e-putonghua.com or Skype e-putonghua_customer_services_2.

Please fill out the form and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

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