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Student Review

Kau*****   comment on Alisia QU     
2017-05-25 23:07:27
Very professional teacher, easy-to-understand. Ms. QU has me excited about learning Chinese again.
Voj*****   comment on Sarah LI     
2017-05-24 09:31:13
Thank you so much for giving me material that was interesting and challenging--Level 2 was too easy. See you next time!
wat*****   comment on Alisia QU     
2017-05-22 02:12:51
Very good!
wat*****   comment on Maggie NIU     
2017-05-22 02:12:26
Very good!
yue*****   comment on Kara QIN     
2017-05-20 11:42:36
Kara was very fun to talk to. It felt like we've known for ages haha. Looking forward to talking with her again!
ali*****   comment on Susan SUN     
2017-05-16 23:47:28
Ms. Sun is a great tutor!能讓我容易發聲和學習!!
Cur*****   comment on Laurel WANG     
2017-05-14 22:07:08
Excellent teacher who adapts to the student's needs!
wat*****   comment on Sarah LI     
2017-05-10 16:59:38
Very Good!
wat*****   comment on Sarah LI     
2017-05-04 15:06:07
Very Good!
wat*****   comment on Leona Xiong     
2017-05-04 15:05:42
Very Good!

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