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  Welcome to e-Putonghua learning paradise. It is always good to have a friend coming from afar! To give more support in your Mandarin study, you are warmly invited to attend our FREE open class on Skype. Considering that the knowledge level in speaking Mandarin vary from people to people, in order to produce a more conducive environment to learning, we will provide you with an extra free trial lesson to test your Mandarin speaking skills level. After this Open Lesson, all of you are welcome to book a 1 on 1 Free Trial Lesson with us. Welcome to contact us on Skype. Our Skype ID is e-putonghua_customer_services_2 global .

  Why would you choose an open class? Here are some the advantages.

  An Excellent e-Putonghua Team and Qualified e-Putonghua Teachers provide you with the best service. Our teachers speak standard Mandarin and fluent English. They are friendly and patient to new learners of mandarin. They have rich experience and use standard e-Putonghua teaching methods that leave our students highly satisfied. Our teachers are not only your teachers but they can also be your friends.

  Here at open class, making friends with other people who are also interested in Chinese culture, Chinese Kungfu, Chinese food, etc. from all over the world. Our open class is like an international family. 40% students are returning students. New and old students can keep in touch and consult each other about various mandarin study methods and our platforms.

  Breaking through the limit of space to learn more. You can have class anywhere you like and learn more besides your books by Skype group online with a better atmosphere. You can ask whatever questions you have during your Chinese study and debate with our professional teacher in Chinese.

  There are various free learning materials for you. You will learn a lot from our platform. Professional teachers design personal study plans for you after open class as per your Mandarin level.

  All in all, e-Putonghua.com open class is an excellent way to learn Chinese for you.

  If you are a workingman and want to learn some daily everyday speech or some other experience from others, e-Putonghua.com open class is a good platform for you.

  If you are a HSK (or other test) group and you want to make up for the inadequacy of preparing, you’re welcome to join e-Putonghua.com open class.

  If you are a student, the most important way is to find a suitable teacher for your own. The teacher not only can teach you in open class but also can give you a one-on-one tutoring. I think this way can help you a lot to enhance what you have learnt and to improve your Mandarin knowledge level.

  This chance is too good to miss. You’re most welcome to join us!

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  Every Wednesday
    Time: 21:00 ~ 21:30 (GMT+8)
    California time: 5:00 ~ 5:25 (PST)
    New York time: 8:00 ~ 8:25 (EST)
    London time: 13:00 ~ 13:25


  Kindly keep your Skype online and contact our Skype ID:e-putonghua_customer_services_2 if you are free for open class
Reference Link: http://www.e-putonghua.com/english/OpenClass

Before class:

  1. Please keep your Skype online before class and our tutor will invite you to enter our Skype group 10 minutes before class.
  2. Please download learning materials and reserve them to your computer.
  3. Please check your microphone and camera of your computer.

During class:

  1. Please keep quite when tutor or if another student is speaking.
  2. Please say” Excuse me” and ask question one by one. There are 15 to 25 people in Skype group, so it will be best if we try to keep order

Successful story for your reference: open lesson on 27 Jan 2016 open class Open class 1 open class 3


  Due to your enthusiasm and support, our open class always keeps on proceeding. Thank you for giving e-Putonghua the opportunity to offer support in learning Chinese/Mandarin to you. Please feel free to let us know if we can be further assistance.

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