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Beginner, Pinyin


Course: Level 1 (S&T)


This course covers Chinese Phonetics. After completing this course, students can read pinyin and tones accurately.


Course: Level 2 (S)


With detailed English explanation, this course covers the basic knowledge of Putonghua Phonetics including vowels, consonant and tones. It also covers topics related to daily life as well as elementary Chinese Grammar.


Course: Level 3 (S&T)


Listening: You can respond to simple social phrases such as greeting, thank you and goodbye.

Speaking: You can speak complete sentences.

Reading: You can read sentences in Pinyin, and to be able to read simple characters.

Writing: You can write simple sentences in Pinyin.


Course: Level 4 (S&T)


Listening: You can understand simple phrases in daily life.

Speaking: You can easily speak about what is common in daily life.

Reading: You can read 100 simple Chinese characters.

Writing: You are able to write 50 single Chinese characters' strokes.


Remarks: T: Traditional Character, S: Simplified Character

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